Why ethanol and what is ethanol anyway?

Let’s face it, ethanol is pure alcohol! No different to methylated spirits, rubbing alcohol or even the Grappa that the Europeans find to be a ‘digestive’ after a big meal! Not for me thanks! Our specially formulated VioFuel is made from sugar cane. Ethanol can also be made from other plant material but sugar cane seems to be the most viable source. It’s the sugar and starches that break right down as it’s processed. And when they say it’s made from sugar cane it’s really the molasses that’s fermented and distilled to become pure ethanol.

No More Propane!
Ethanol is a clean, convenient, safe and easy to use fuel, suitable for use in today’s modern ethanol fireplaces, firetables and decorative burners. Ethanol’s stable burning characteristics, heat output, and low odor make it a great fuel for use in ethanol fires; where both heat and a real flame are desired to create the look and feel of a real fire without the mess or hassle of traditional forms of fireplaces. No more bulky propane tank right under your table or right in your outdoor entertaining area. Just a clean, quiet dancing flame.

Clean Facts:
For every 1 litre of Ethanol burnt, over 900 ml of water vapor is emitted. That’s why the warmth is so cozy. Ethanol is a renewable, sustainable fuel

What is a Denaturant
Ethanol is a pure alcohol. A denaturant is added to prevent the liquid being used in beverages for human consumption. Our VioFuel is specially formulated with a light attractive fragrance.

VioFuel Ethanol is produced from molasses, the by product of sugar milling. The molasses is distilled to produce Ethanol. VioFuel Ethanol is produced from Sugar Cane; a renewable resource and is considered to be a sustainable fuel. 

Why VioFuel
VioFuel Ethanol Fire Fuel is designed and recommended for use in most Ethanol fireplaces. It burns with a beautiful yellow flame and is scented with a gentle aromatic fragrance. You can see demonstration videos right here on YouTube.

Never use any other type of fuel or blended Ethanol in an Ethanol fireplace. Only use fuels recommended for use by the manufacturer and never, ever use petrol, kerosene, turpentine.

Remember, these other fuels are highly volatile and are not suitable for use in an ethanol fireplace. Use of these fuels in an ethanol fireplace is extremely dangerous.

Read the appliance manufacturer’s instructions before filling or using.

Always provide adequate ventilation where the appliance is used.

VioFuel Ethanol is available from selected retailers. To find the nearest VioFlame dealer, visit: www.blackandstone.com or call us on 1 800 605 2515.

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Gather Round the Fire!

Gather Round The Fire… 

Outdoor entertaining is in the spotlight again with the launch of an innovative new range of multi-function, outdoor firetables that can comfortably seat guests for drinks, snacks or just good ol’ conversation while enjoying the ambient glow of a dancing yellow flame.

The beautifully designed outdoor VioFlame firetables from Black and Stone feature handcrafted marble tops with satin finished frames and an environmentally friendly ethanol-fuelled burner at the center to provide real flame and an eye-catching table center-piece to enrich and enhance the outdoor experience.

Finally, a firepit for your outdoor environment that is completely portable since it is not tethered to a bulky propane tank or fixed gas line.

There are 4 VioFlame firetables in the range, each featuring a unique design. The firetables can comfortably seat between 4-6 guests and the look and feel of the flames is simply stunning, a real attention-getter and mood-setter.

“More and more Americans are looking for outdoor entertainment solutions that can extend the use of their living space regardless of the season. Now you can enjoy the outdoor entertainment area all year round with our beautiful new handcrafted firetables,” said Mr Tom Owen, the general manager of Black and Stone USA, the manufacturer and distributor of VioFlame ethanol fireplaces and firetables.

“One of the major benefits of these firetables is that they are powered by ethanol (denatured alcohol), a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel.”

“Our research shows that consumers love the concept of the outdoor firetable (or firepit) but are put off by the high cost of traditional methods of achieving this in their outdoor living area. Unlike a number of firepit / firetable solutions available today, VioFlame ethanol firetables really stand out because of the low capital cost, flexibility of installation, portability and ease of set up. You can have one of these firetables out of the box and running within 30 minutes because there’s no gas piping or expensive installation,” said Mr. Owen.

VioFlame Firetables are available from serious fireplace retailers across the USA.

There are four models in the range priced from $599.00 – $999.00

Black and Stone is an American owned company committed to producing a range of

high quality and affordable lifestyle appliances.

For further information about the range, or to find the nearest VioFlame dealer,

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Trade and consumer enquiries to:

Tom Owen, Black and Stone USA INC.

Tel: 1 800 605 2515

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